Passion maskes us difference

Industry-leading sourcing partner

Industry-leading sourcing partner

Sourcing channel throughout global, build up the strong network of active components.

Market insight

SJTX have more years of industry experience, and sensitive industry insight, make us promptly adjust solution project when facing changeable and complicated market condition. Especially in fluctuation of price and shortage of stock, we can remind our clients arrange in advance, and assist them to do contingent response strategy.

Data discontinue

Depending on your needs, SJTX is capable of recovering the value of excess inventory through multiple channels. From outright buy programs to consignment sales, SJTX has the means to quickly and profitably liquidate stockpiles.

Sourcing asset

Stable and multiple sourcing channel, make SJTX become you trustful and reliable partner. Various source channel can meet customer all kinds of demand in IC component. SJTX represents the best choice for a strategic sourcing partner.


Safeguarding your supply chain

SJTX has strictly management and multi-program standard to select our sourcing channel, in order to ensure the quality. Fully utilize data analyze system collect the sources feedback information regular to evaluate, safeguard source part quality and safety, deepen corporate image.

QC inspection department

SJTX has setted up QC inspection department, ensure the quality of import and export.Even we have cooperated with professional third testing institution. All part pass strict multi.

1 year warranty

SJTX support 1 year warranty for our clients from shipping date. SJTX protect your customer’s business with a complete, end-to-end security framework from SJTX.